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  • Posted On: August 24, 2020
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Americans without Insurance Can Continue Access to Better Health with Medications’ Affordability

More than half of the US adult population is dependent on their employer for health insurance. Many of the newly employed have lost their health insurance along with their jobs during the current COVID-19 pandemic. 5.4 million Americans are considered to have lost health insurance during the current COVID-19 pandemic.[1]The number of Americans in the USA without insurance has increased by 21% due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has spread to all parts of the world.[2]

About one in five among the self-employed has also lost their job during the pandemic crisis. People with an annual income under $50,000 have reported higher rates of job dislocations. One in five adults (nearly twenty percent) with a spouse or partner had one of them left without insurance due to job loss.[3]Many of these individuals are planning to get coverage through COBRA, Medicaid or individual-market plan. However, COBRA coverage can be retained for up to 18 months Medicare is available only for those 65 and older. Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of self-administered, outpatient prescription drugs.

Significant increase in Americans without insurance

While the Affordable Care Act provides coverage to the people without insurance, switching plans after losing a job can mean access to your preferred physician or healthcare facility may not be available to you. A vaccine for COVID-19 is months, if not years away and the uncertainty over the future course of the pandemic continues. There is a surge in the COVID-19 active cases and related hospitalization. Jobless Americans without a health insurance plan may now have to work out some plan that could make medication affordability possible for them. The Coronavirus pandemic is significantly increasing the number of Americans without health insurance.

More than 2 million poor Americans are currently left with no affordable health coverage. Estimates show that even if people enroll for COBRA, Medicaid, Medicare, the Affordable Care Act and individual market, 3.5 million people will still be uninsured.[4]

If none of the above options works for you, SaveonMeds drug discount card can help you in balancing uncertainty over your health risk and the medications’ affordability. The prescription medication savings card is designed to let the people pay the lowest cost for the medications they pay for in cash.

Start with medication cost savings right away

To start with, you can download your pre-activated SaveonMeds prescription savings card from, choose a local pharmacy near you, show your free Save On Meds prescription savings card to the pharmacist and pay only the discounted price for your medications. You will realize instant savings on branded medication of up to 30% on average, and up to 90% on generic medications. For even more savings, check drug prices at for the lowest drug prices where you will find many of the medications at a lower price than what you will pay in cash as copays or high deductibles with your insurance.

Use your drug card to save even if you have insurance

SavingsOnMeds doesn’t maintain any list of preferred formularies or pharmacies, and can be limitlessly used on all prescription medications of all formularies, including OTC medications and pet medications. Using the card to save on prescription drugs is especially useful if you need medications with high deductibles or new medications that are extremely expensive. The drug discount card can be used to save on medication costs with insurance as you can use it even if you have insurance as it works independently of your insurance. If you have health insurance, be sure to compare the copay with the discounted drug price available with SaveonMeds prescription savings card. However, the drug discount card cannot be used in conjunction with insurance; you can use it instead of your insurance.

The range of benefits and discounts provided to you may vary based on the medication and pharmacy you choose. If you do not have health insurance, or your plan doesn’t cover the drug you need or doesn’t save you money off the cash price, simply whip out your card and get an instant discount on all your drug purchases.

No income criteria, age limit and no registration or renewal charges

There is no income or age limit. The plan does not cover you alone but also covers your spouse, partner and children. You can also share the card with your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors. You need not be a member of any association to get its benefits; there is no monthly fee or annual recharge fee. The card can be used at over 65,000 participating pharmacies all over the USA including brand name chains such as CVS, Target, Winn Dixie, Walgreens and RiteAid. It can be used as Albuterol HFA inhaler prescription savings card, Albuterol drug discount card, Adipex savings card, Benzonatate saving card and all-purpose prescription medication discount card as it can be used to save on flu vaccines and other medications that you need for your long-term and short-term treatments.

There is no limit on the price benefits you receive with your card each year as it can be used for an unlimited number of prescription medication fills and refills for saving on prescription medications. The Save on Meds card never expires as it is offered with lifetime validity. When you are on a budget, even a small discount on the card can make all the difference between you taking the medication and skipping it. You can also get your digital drug saving card by texting the keyword phrase “SaveonMeds” to phone number 21000. So, next time you visit a pharmacy near you, never leave your card behind.

Participate in SaveonMeds drug discount card affiliate program

If you are a physician, primary healthcare provider, running a charity or business, employer or providing church service, you may want to participate in our drug discount card affiliate program. You will be provided free SaveonMeds drug discount cards that you can distribute for free to people. Each time a person makes a medication purchase using your medications discount card, you will earn a commission. This way, you will have a regular source of passive income. For more details on the SaveonMeds card affiliate program, please visit or call SaveonMeds customer helpline at 1-888-352-3736.



Americans without Insurance Can Continue Access to Better Health with Medications’ Affordability

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