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Covid-19 vaccination
  • Posted On: February 25, 2021
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What To Expect From COVID-19 Vaccination and How To Maximize Your Medication Cost Savings During the Pandemic

As COVID-19 vaccines are being approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) for use and become widely available for mass vaccination, many are wondering what to expect when they get vaccinated.

The first two COVID-19 vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna require two doses, the second shot of Pfizer vaccine is to be given after three weeks, while Moderna’s second shot is to the given four weeks after you have received your first shot. If you can’t receive your second dose for some reason at the stipulated time, you can get it up to six weeks after your first shot. You can also get your second shot a maximum of 4 days earlier than the designated date.

Do not mix brands

Do not mix vaccines from two different manufacturers as not all COVID-19 vaccines are created equal. So, schedule your second shot with the same brand only.

Continue your COVID-appropriate behavior for at least two weeks after the second shot

Your COVID-19 vaccine won’t work right away. It will take at least two weeks after the second shot for your immune system to fully respond to the vaccine and provide you protection. You should continue to wear a face mask and maintain social distancing two weeks after the date of your second shot during which your body will develop enough antibodies to provide you protection from COVID-19.

Tell your doctor about your allergies

Tell your doctor about any allergies that you might have. You may be observed for 30 minutes rather than the routine 15 minutes after the shot for any allergic reactions. And if you have a severe allergic reaction to the first shot, you may not receive the second shot.

SARS-Cov-2 is also mutating (changing), that may affect its ability to spread and cause harm. Vaccine manufacturers are preparing to adjust where necessary. You may be advised to get vaccinated for COVID-19 even if you have previously been infected with the coronavirus.

Side effects of the COVID vaccination

You may experience pain in the arm after the first shot, and run fever and experience body aches. The chances of noticeable side effects are higher after the second shot. These side effects are indicative of that your body is responding to vaccination. The side effects will subside but if you continue to experience side effects for several days, speak to your doctor.

What about other medications you are taking?

If you are taking medications for some of your medical conditions, please continue taking them as directed by your physician. Wait for at least 14 days to receive other vaccine after the COVID-19 vaccine, including flu vaccine.

How to check and confirm your appointment

You can check with your local municipality for a vaccination locator. Some county health departments have online waitlists that you can join, and websites to help you book your appointment in your area. You can also sign up for Twitter alerts. Your health insurance plan may make vaccination appointments available through their online scheduling portal. Verify your location, date, and time, and arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes early. Wear a face mask, maintain social distancing, and bring a photo identity. Once you receive your shot, you will be provided with a vaccination card issued by the CDC as proof of your vaccination. The brand of vaccine you received will be written on your card.

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What To Expect From COVID-19 Vaccination and How To Maximize Your Medication Cost Savings During the Pandemic

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