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Prescription Medications. Download the SAVEOnMeds Card and start saving 80% today.

Save On...

Not insured...

Then SaveonMeds Is For You! Download and start saving 80% today.

Not insured...

Paying Cash for Medicine....

Then SaveonMeds Is For You! Download and start saving 80% today.

Paying Cash for Medicine....

Medication Not covered.....

Then SaveonMeds Is For You! Download and start saving 80% today.

Medication Not covered.....



The SaveonMeds Drug Card operates like a discount coupon, To insure you receive the best price, check your drug prices and  present your SaveonMeds Savings Card every time you fill a prescription.



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By distributing the SaveonMeds Drug Card to your family, friends, and co-workers, they can take advantage of savings at the pharmacy every time they have a prescription filled and you can earn a commission of 40% (up to $2.00) per prescription.

Instant Savings

  • Instantly save up to 80% on prescriptions and vaccines.
  • No registration or social security number required.
  • Same Card can be used for the entire family including pets.
  • No Limits.
  • No Expiration.
  • No Income requirement.
  • No Membership fee.
  • Use at over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide including all major chains.

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Better Savings

  • SaveonMeds is a Prescriptions Savings or Discount Card.
  • Use the SaveonMeds Savings Card  for all prescriptions,  over-the-counter medicines, pet medications, and medical supplies.
  • We have negotiated drug prices with over 65,000 pharmacies allowing you to save money.
  • By presenting the SaveonMeds Drug Card you‘re unlocking savings up to 80% on prescriptions you use everyday.


Who Can Save?

  • Uninsured– Those with no prescription benefits coverage.
  • Underinsured– Those with high deductibles, limitations or exclusions.
  • Insured use the card in place of insurance when:
    • The drug isn’t covered by your insurance or is excluded from coverage.
    • Your insurance plan has no drug coverage.
    • You have a high drug deductible plan.
    • The card offers a better price than your copay.
    • You are in the Medicare Part D donut hole.

Stop Paying Full Price For Prescriptions

Save up to 80%  with the Free SaveonMeds Drug Card


Megan, Los Angeles California

My son needed an albuterol HFA inhaler. Thanks to SaveonMeds I was able to get my prescription for $25 dollars and save over 50%. Thanks SaveonMeds for helping me afford this life saving medication.

Adam North Port, Florida

“Thanks SaveonMeds saved $90 dollars on my testosterone prescription”

Debbie Tampa, Florida

I was traveling and needed oral Thypoid Vaccine that was not covered by insurance thanks to SaveonMeds I saved over 160 dollars for my family”

Angela Palm Springs, California

Thanks to SaveonMeds I am now able to afford my prescription vitamins VSL, Vitamin B-12, and Vitamin D3 not covered by medicare”

Jason Atlanta, Georgia

Thank you SaveonMeds for saving me over $40 dollars on my Omeprazole prescription”