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Prescription Drug Discount Card For Medicare Recipients
  • Posted On: December 4, 2019
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Medicare Recipients Can Save With A Prescription Drug Savings Card?

On average people over 65 take 14 to 18 prescription medications a year, and with medication prices rising every year, the cost prescriptions for seniors can be a real healthcare burden. Every dollar counts especially for seniors living on Social Security that a fixed income.

Even with a Medicare Part D or a Medicare Advantage plan coverage, prescription medication costs can still be offset by seniors by checking drug prices and doing some price comparisons to get the best price for medications. Often seniors can save on sildenafil drug prices, Albuterol HFA inhaler prices and other medications that they may not be covered under their Medicare benefit. Medications often not covered by Medicare include weight loss medications (Adipex), over the counter medication, vitamins (Vitamin D, ergrocalciferol, calcium), and medications for erectile dysfunction (Viagra, Cilias).

Seniors often spend a lot on prescription and over the counter medications. If you are paying a lot for prescription medications, we have listed 5 useful tips here that will help on medication savings for chronic or short-term illnesses.

Tip #1: Switch to generics

On an average, generics cost up to 80% less than brand-name medications. FDA requires generics to have the same active ingredient and performance benefits as brand-name drugs,. Speak to your older adult’s doctor whether you could safely replace a branded medication with a generic one, such as ProAir with Albuterol HFA inhaler, or Viagra with Sildenafil for erectile dysfunction.

Tip #2: Find A Less Expensive Branded Medication

There are many branded medications that work in similar ways but cost much less or may be on a lower tier. Ask your doctor if a less expensive brand-name medication can be used to treat your condition just as well as the currently prescribed higher tier branded medication.

Tip #3: Check drug prices

Check drug prices ahead of purchase for the best and lowest price to maximize your savings on prescription medications. Some Medicare plans have preferred pricing at certain pharmacies and they also offer copay discount if a three supply is purchased check your benefits to see if these options could save you on your prescriptions.

Tip #4: State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs (SPAPs)

SPAPs assist low-income seniors with disabilities in paying for their prescription medications. The coverage may vary from state-to-state, though not every state provides SPAP,however the program generally includes Part D wraparound coverage, so the program will pay for the cost of medication for seniors that are not covered by Medicare Part D.

Tip #5: Drug discount card

A drug discount card offers a good prescription buying option for seniors. They can present their SaveonMeds pharmacy discount card to the pharmacist for discounts on non-covered prescription medications or over the counter medications such as vitamins, pantoprazole, omeprazole, and loratidine as these medications may be less expensive with a drug discount card. Drug Discount cards may also be beneficial for you if you are in the Medicare Coverage gap (Donut Hole) and you know you will not be able to reach the maximum coverage limits to get out. In this case a drug discount card like SaveonMeds could save you up to 85% on generic prescriptions.

Which drug card to choose?

When searching for a drug discount card, look for a card that does not require enrollment information or annual fees. The very idea of using a prescription discount card is to save money, not to spend money in order to save money. Also, take care not to sign up for a medications discount card that requires your personal information, there is no need to provide your name, date of birth, email, or address to obtain a good discount card. By providing this information the drug discount card may be selling your information to third party marketing agencies.

SaveonMeds Drug Card

An excellent option is the SaveonMeds drug card. There are no upfront or annual charges, and no age or income limits on SaveonMeds discount drug card. It is widely accepted in all 50 states at over 65000 network pharmacies and does not require registration. Simply click here to download the card and start saving today.

With SaveonMeds drug card, seniors can save on meds, on an average, 60% savings is seen on FDA-approved prescription generic medications as well as over the counter medications written on a prescription. SaveonMeds Savings card is accepted at our network of 65000+ verified pharmacies and they offer 10% to 85% saving on drugs.

Save on Prescription Medications with SaveonMeds Drug Card

SaveonMeds drug discount card is good for all with or without an insurance plan, though the seniors with no coverage will benefit the most as it comes pre-activated with no registration, no income, age or spending cap on medications. Prescription drug discount cards, such asSildenafil savings card or Albuterol discount card cannot be used together with insurance, but often you will find drug discount prices are much lower than what you would pay with your health insurance.

Start saving on prescription medications with SaveonMeds drug card the card is great for medications not covered by Medicare, private insurance patients who have a high deductible or annual spending caps, and for those people taking medications that are excluded from coverage. Even if you don’t have high prescription costs, having SaveonMeds drug discount card could always come in handy as you never know when you may need it in the future. It’s free and comes activated with lifetime validity.

To get your SaveonMeds drug card, just text the keyword “SAVEONMEDS” to 21000, and the drug card will be delivered to your mobile device as a text message that can be shown to the pharmacist when dropping off prescriptions. A hard copy of the card can be downloaded here, or you can print the card at

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Medicare Recipients Can Save With A Prescription Drug Savings Card?

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