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  • Posted On: October 7, 2020
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Keep Your Child Healthy and Help Them with Going to School Amidst the Stress of Covid-19

Schools have opened at 50% capacity in almost all states as teachers gear up to complete the course curriculum amidst the reopening of the economy after the peak of COVID-19 in the USA. However, we all are worried to some level and degree about the safety of our children while sending them to schools. Schools teach students more than academics; they also impart social and emotional skills in the students and provide them mental health support which is not possible with remote learning. The goal of sending children to schools to learn in-person, which is also the best way to learn, will be counterproductive if the safety of children from getting COVID-19 infection isn’t ensured.

Schools taking preventive measures

The school administrations across the country have taken measures and implemented CDC (Centre for Disease Control) and WHO’s (World Health Organization) guidelines by  eliminating maximum possibilities of COVID19 infections and other viral diseases.

Students, teachers and staff will have to wear a mask or cover their face with cloth while in school. Elaborate guidelines have been issued by the Federal and respective state governments on how the children will ride the bus, sit in class, walk in hallways, gather in the choir room and band room, and interact with each other.

Buses will have  limited student bus riders . Parents should check with their local school district about the exact guideline details. Physical education will be given in open spaces as much as possible instead of the classrooms. Students will be provided pre-packaged meals so that they don’t have to wait for its preparation in the cafeteria.

More time will be allowed for cleaning and sanitizing the school premises, and everyone will be required to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet while interacting with others when possible. However, elementary students may need a little practice to get comfortable with face covering.

Students can do the below to prevent infection by COVID-19:

Observe respiratory and hand-hygiene by wearing a face covering in public spaces and sanitizing their hands frequently.

  • Minimizing touching objects used by other people also, such as doorknobs, lift buttons, staircase railings, counters and handrails.

  • They should get comfortable with safe social distancing ( 6 feet) and how it feels like interacting from a safe social distance.

  • Minimize contact with the people that aren’t part of their household.

  • Wash the hands  thoroughly at the end of the school day.

What parents can do?

  1. Parents should emphasize all the ways to keep their children safe.

  2. They should teach  children not to touch their masks to help decrease the spread of germs..

  3. They should emphasize to their children to maintain social distancing, observe breathing and hand hygiene, and wash off their hands  thoroughly whenever they enter the house after being outdoors.

  4. If a household has a family member with a serious underlying medical condition such as diabetes, heart problems, lung problems, cancer, hypertension or thalassemia that makes them vulnerable to coronavirus infection, they should consider the option for 100% online learning if it is available.

  5. Parents should be honest in answering health screening questionnaire.

  6. Parents should also practice hand and respiratory hygiene and social distancing norms themselves, and lead by example.

  7. Childcare resources may help parents find solutions to children’s safety while in school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Symptoms of coronavirus infection could be similar to flu-like initially, such as fever, sneezing and fatigue. If you happen to spot any of the COVID-19 related symptoms in your child, your family members or yourself, such as running nose, fever, the sensation of fatigue, loss of smell and taste, and breathing problems, immediately seek medical attention and get yourself tested for COVID-19 infection.

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Keep Your Child Healthy and Help Them with Going to School Amidst the Stress of Covid-19

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